StarCraft 2 Install Error – Solved

I just purchased StartCraft2 and started to install it only to get this error:

“The file “&^%$*\StarCraft II” could not be found. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (IsAbsolutePath/path is not absolute)”

StarCraft2 Failure

Updated Fix:

  1. Open Command Prompt As Administrator
  2. Enter: >net user administrator /active:yes
  3. Start > Switch User
  4. You can now login as administrator
  5. Run install from this account normally
  6. Logout as administrator
  7. Login to your normal account
  8. Go back to the command prompt and enter: >net user administrator /active:no
  9. Play your game!

21 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 Install Error – Solved

  1. Dominic

    Thanks very much for this, worked perfectly. I was sitting there scratching my head wondering how to fix it!

  2. fred

    This didn;t work for me, but I found another reason why this could happen. My Documents in the menu had been disassociated because of a disconnected network drive, so when you click on it it nothing happens and the properties folder by right click is blank.

    If you can correct this, and get my documents associated with the correct drive it works, or worked fine for me with this.

  3. Greg

    Fred is right. If you’re like me, you had to make room in your C: partition for the installer. Simply go back to your user folder and make sure there is a documents folder there (or make one). this should solve the issue.

  4. sirdeth

    anybody have this error i get it at 1% of the install

    The file “fileset.base\Mods\Core.SC2Mod\Index.SC2Locale” in archive “” could not be opened, because an error 2 occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQFile::OpenFromArchive)

  5. Scott Post author

    I’ve figured out the reason, it’s because I moved “My Documents” folder. If you create another admin account and login with it, things should work.

    @sirdeth, the installer might not be able to detect your Locale

  6. sirdeth

    do you mean the location of files or my actual physical location? i tried to install from the disc, but my drive is defective, so i downloaded the client and am trying to install it from my desktop (vista home premium 32bit ) asus g1 gaming laptop dual core 2.0 ghz, 3gb ram, nvidia geforce go 7700 dedicated 512mb ram

  7. sirdeth

    ok check this out im 40% installed!! i moved the whole folder to c: and ran the installer so far so good…

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  9. Alfredstorm

    After checked many helps, finally I found what’s the problem was.If your problem is not the same as Fred I think it must be like me.I installed BETA before,but I din’t uninstall very clearly.Finally I found a DLL document names billarazd.dll document in desktop,you must use tool to find this document and delete ,then you can install the SC2

    :) ))))

  10. Yogizilla

    Great solution.. IF your problem has to do with administrative rights and/or even getting the game to install or run at all. Everything about the Starcraft 2 release smells, if you ask me. To think that the final solution they offered on some of the Blizzard forums threads was simply “download the game client” really astounds me.

    Here we are, excited gamers that decided to get the game off-the-shelf for all the perks (new “car scent”, instruction manual, cool inserts, etc.), only to be greeted by an IT troubleshooting scenario. Even those of us that fix computers for a living find this uphauling. We don’t want a project, we want to PLAY!

    In any case, if you’re having the issue where your installation gives you an error (Code 5) at around 49-51%, you can try updating your firmware, patching up your OS, copying the files to your hard drive, etc… BUT, ultimately, you’ll have to just download the game client. I’m surprised Blizzard hasn’t done more damage control here. This is comparable to Microsoft and the RROD issues. It’s all just bad business.

    EPIC FAIL. Thanks for the information, though! Very informative article and comments. 8)

  11. Boris

    hel me ç_ç

    The file “fileset.base\Mods\Core.SC2Mod\Index.SC2Locale” in archive “” could not be opened, because an error 2 occurred. Se il problema persiste, si prega di contattare il supporto tecnico Blizzard. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQFile:: OpenFromArchive) (MPQFile::OpenFromArchive)

  12. Yop

    I had the same issue but your solution didn’t work.
    Googled all day long, didn’t find anything that worked…

    Contacted Blizzard, and got another solution :
    I wanted to install to E:\Starcraft II.
    Just create the destination folder before you install.
    And it worked !!!

    Hope this helps…

  13. Mik

    Im with xp and when im trying to switch user i dont see admin user.

    is there a way to make a (E:) folder?

  14. ram

    My problem is different every time i install sc2 it will stop and pop-up an error message said “cyclic redundancy”. i cant believe that there such an error like this because this is my first time to try and blizzard related game or starcraft. I do clean the registry, defrag, disk clean up but still wont work. i create a new folder and do copy all data file from the cd and install it but still wont work. can anyone please help me i do like this game. .

  15. Knux

    I followed your instructions and got the game installed but now when I play it on my normal account none of my settings get saved (Graphics and so forth). Has anyone else gotten this problem?

  16. Scott Post author

    I think you might need to just need to resave these or copy them form the users/administrator directory, under /local something (it might be hidden)

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