Desktop Retirement

I’ve gotten to the point where having a desktop in my home office is not as practical as it once was. A few things have made me switch to laptop + a monitor.

  1. SSD Drives – This has made the performance of my laptop just as fast as my desktop (gaming withstanding). I’ve purchased my 2nd OCZ Agility 2 60GB Drive.
  2. Cable Madness – While I still have a few cables at my desk there’s none on the floor.
  3. Zero Power Cables On Floor – Since Lilu started crawling around it’s been increasingly difficult to keep here away from the desk.
  4. 3 Monitors – Not as useful as it once was. I am finding that I’m just moving everything over to my large monitor anyway and the extra monitors are more distractions than help.
  5. More Room for my iMac – With the 3 monitors I had very little room for my Mac, since I’m doing iPhone development, having the extra desk space is nice, I can just hope over and do some work.
  6. eSata – This allowed me to put a 1TB drive next to my laptop and store all the goodies I needed.
  7. Less Clutter / Distraction – This simple system is allowing me to be a little more organize and when I take the laptop with me, I’ve got my work with me for the most part. Though I might be finding myself moving to a portable 1TB drive in a month or two based on convenience and portability.

Big thanks to MicroCenter for helping me out.

Some of the issues I’ve had:

  1. eSata Eclosure/Dock – MicroCenter (Trip 1) The first one was labeled in correctly (Thanks China) and it was USB2.0. MicroCenter (Trip 2), after returning this I found an older enclosure, but without an eSata cable, so I returned the USB2.o one, and purchased a cable, up installation the SATA connector to the HDD broke. MicroCenter (Trip 3), after returning the cable, I decided to get a dual eSata Dock, but there was a small piece of paper saying that your computer must have a “port multiplier”, my Dell e6400 does not have one, so back to MicroCenter. MicroCenter (Trip 4), after returning the dual eSata Dock, I just got a single eSata Dock. Success!!!
  2. Old PC refused to boot. It hung on an automatic update and never turn off, so I killed it, and no reboot. So I had to copy everything over manually…
  3. Old 1TB Drive did not work in new eSata Dock, WTF!!! So I had top copy over via my Ethernet while it was in a USB2.0 dock… Going on now and through the night.
  4. 24″ Monitor DVI blinks on my e6400. I’ve narrowed this down to either a crappy monitor, or my e6400 can not drive 1920×1200, fortunately I have a 1920×1080 that seems to be working OK on the DVI port.

In conclusion it’s been a long day, about 14 hours in all, minus about 3 hours playing with Lilu. I’m glad it’s done and I hope there are no surprises tomorrow!

8/22 Update – Two More Reasons

  1. Power – My old PC and 3 Monitors used on average about 260 Watts, this laptop and single monitor uses about 100 Watts. The cost savings is around $12/month.
  2. Noise – I am surprised at how frigging quiet my office is. Even with an insulated case the lack of hum is really noticeable.