Made The Switch to Mac

This morning I was all excited about installing new software on my new PC set-up and while installing / downloading something from iTunes, CRASH! The memory on my Dell e6400 stopped responding and just crashed. The Dell would not boot, it would not do anything.

I was not certain as to what I was going to do but I had to travel a little today to go see family and during the trip I just decided how exasperated I was in dealing with this issue, I did not know it, but when I walked into MicroCenter, I walked straight to the Apple section and looked at a few of the Mac Book Pros. The one I saw which really caught my eye was a 17″ model from earlier this year, it’s got the Core 2 Duo, not the i5 or i7, but for a rock bottom price of just $400 more than another crappy Dell, I decided then and there to walk out with it and stop fighting my PC/Dell.

I still have my PC for games and some development, but things are changing….