My Dell e6400 Woes

About 8 months ago I started having problems with my e6400. The problem was with the video display. Had bad colors, bad response to drivers and intermittent Blue Screens. So I sent it to the Depot to get fixed, the video worked out but then I started having other strange problems. I did not work on it much for the past 6 months but when I tried to switch from Desktop to Laptop w/dock here’s what happened.

  1. Machine Locked up with external mouse/keyboard.
  2. DVI Display started blinking on dock.
  3. Memory Failure

After the memory failure I took off the back cover to discover my 800MHZ DDR2 memory had been replaced with two different generic knock-off memory chips. Yes, I sent them good memory, they kept it for themselves and gave me 667Mhz crap memory in exchange.

So I sent it to Dell again to get repaired, let’s see what I get in exchange.