Delta Duty Free at 2AM

We traveled to London from Columbus for an overnight flight. All was fine until around 2AM EST when the Duty Free cart came by.

Aside from the loud cart, the noise of yelling “duty free”, it was the hovering around our seats for 20-30 minutes that was really annoying…

I was the first to awake, then Emily woke up, then after 10 minutes of noise they woke sleeping Lilu. At this point I took the picture.


Thanks Delta for turning what could have been a nice flight to a bad one.

To make matters worse, the lead attendant, and Indian fellow, not sure of his name, DL10, stopped to ask if everything was OK. I said no your attendants just stood here yakking about Duty-Free for 20 minutes and woke my sleeping baby, he said that’s what they were suppose to do, then he walked off…