Our Trip To London (In December)

london-dec2010.jpgWe did not think that London would be so dark, but given it’s latitude I should have expected only around 8 hours of daylight per day. This made getting over the jet-lag very tough for us, especially Lilu. She was up most of the nights until 3, until the last night she went to bed at 1AM, and she slept like a baby on the plane.

We managed to see a few sights: The Museum of Natural History, The British Museum, and The Bus Tour around London. There were cops everywhere downtown because of the student protest, so we just stayed on the bus and saw a number of things from the bus.

Heathrow and prepping for our trip to South Africa was the worst part of our trip. SAA (South African Airlines) has a 20kg weight limit per passenger we had to trash and entire suitcase and equivalent in cloths. Baggage overage would have cost 750 GBP ($1200), the cost to ship was going to be around 400 GBP ($650) so we decided to just get rid of all the cheap heavy stuff. This was most of my cloths and things like shampoo, shaving cream, etc. We had no idea that this would be the case. Every single US Airline has a 2 bag policy or you pay a slight fee for a 2nd bag.

The flight was nice, but no Entertainment on SAA 221 from London to Cape Town. They were flying leased Airbus 340-200′s and while the flight was smooth, there was little to keep us busy for the 12 hour flight.