Installing Twitter’s Bootstrap on OSX

I recently came across bootstrap, an HTML framework from Twitter. In the process, I cam across some more tools by twitter, less.js (which allows for dynamic creation of CSS), and Uglify (which allows for minifying js).

Here’s a short list to install these:

  1. Install Node Package Manager from
  2. Install Less.js via ‘git clone git://’
  3. Go to the less.js directory, type: ‘make’.
  4. Copy the install directory to /usr/local/less.js
  5. Add /usr/local/less.js/bin to $PATH
  6. Install uglify-js via ‘npm install uglify-js -g’
  7. Install Bootstrap ‘git clone git://’
  8. Go to the bootstrap directory, type: ‘make’.

If I get a chance I’d like to talk more about Less.js, and Mustache.