Portland Nice & Book Going Well.

We got back from Portland last week. It was beautiful, the people were nice but the homes were expensive! My house w/no basement was about $265k. From what I hear, if you move beyond the 1hr commute range things get more reasonable, but I could not drive that. So pending any other news from work, it looks like we will be staying in Columbus for a while.

Also, I noticed that I have not mentioned my Java & Robotics Book with Apress. Well, it's true, I am writing a book on the two subjects. Tonight I will turn in Chapter 5. It's scheduled to be due by June 1, so far I am on track with it and I start to get into the really cool chapters today with Speech.

Emily is registering for classes today at Columbus State. She will start this summer and soon will be on her way to her degree.

In other news my mother is retiring this summer. Jen is getting her MBA. Dad is building his house. Emm's folks will be coming to visit soon!