Time to RELAX!

This book is just about finished. It's been a long summer, and now that it's over, the book is done!!! The question is: What's next?

  1. Well, the first thing is some vacation. I will be heading to South Africa in a few weeks. I hear the stoop calling my name.
  2. Next is the house project. We are looking to build sometime next year and need to sell the house again, and get the project plan down for the new build.
  3. I am getting a new PC, well building one. Athlon64-3000/939, with 1GB, 320GB SATA, NVidia 6600GT. I should get that sometime this week.
  4. Get in shape. I am going to start working out again, and get back down to my fighting weight. I lossed a little but put it back, time to get down to 180 again.

That's about it for now. I am just going to enjoy the year, and watch some football, also I bet I will making a trip or two more to IKEA.