Vacation Time

I am going to South Africa tomorrow morning. Mom will be watching the house and puppy and I will meet Emily there in JoBurg Saturday morning. I tell you this 10 days has not been nice, we just miss each other too much!!!

The book is finally complete, just one more proof and it's being shipped. It's been a good experience overall, I hope it sells well.

What else… Oh yes, Ohio State. I tell you, I am not too happy with their offense. It seems except for 2002 with Clarett, they have done nothing but get worse. It's hard to complain when you team has won a national title and you are still in the top 10, but come on we are Ohio State and it's tough to watch part of your team be below average. I have little hope that their offense will score more than 21 points Saturday, but I think our defense will keep us in the game. I am a little concerned at their vulnerability to the pass though.

My fathers house is going well. I still have not been down to see it but need to do that this coming month.

Farewell, I will keep a log while I am in SA. Cheers, Scott