Thanks Jay

When I got up this morning I checked my Goggle Desktop "Web Clips" and saw a new story from a friend of mine entitled "Love at First Stonehenge". I had a read and low and behold it was a nice little story about how I met Em.

This of course prompted me to write, then delete a few of the stories I remember of Jason back at his folks house. There was a party or two that stick in my mind… One on a cleaner side was a day where our friend was having a dinner party and I was not invited. I don't really know why, but this was the year of working my 1974 Chevy Truck, which would have been a year after high school, and as I recall I also was listening to country music. So anyway, as I remember the story when I got there the food was almost done, but there was some chocolate fondue that I ate with some fruit.

As to the other stories…. Well like Jason, I will choose to not make those public.