Selling & Buying

Well, it's time to sell our house again. Yes, so much for the we are going to stay here a few more years. The problem this year is all of the foreclosures in our area. The reason, Dominion Homes. They have built homes in our area (and are still building new ones by the way) and they over priced them, by as much as $20,000. They also did a lot of ZERO down loans to people that could not afford the homes. So come time when they could not make the payments, they also could not sell because the homes were bought for $20,000 more than they now worth, add to that $10,000 for a realtor, and guess what? FORECLOSURE or loose $30,000!

Though we don't have a Dominion home, our house is going to sell for about $10,000 less than it was last year because of the glut of homes on the market. Which is a shame because we have a really nice home.

On the good for the house, we are using Chip & Sue again from Keller Williams. We are also going to get new carpet installed and are beginning to look for new homes in 43212.