Long Time, No Write…

Well things have been busy, what can I say? I have been working on the new
house, and working on the old house. Which is in contract right now, believe
it or not. They even want to close next week. So I am crossing my fingers!!!

I have also had a go at making South African Biltong. I am going to taste
batch #2 tonight. Batch #1 was good, but we are expecting great things from
this one. I have some photo's I will have to put up in a few days so my
fellow Americans can figure out what I am talking about.

I have also been working on my software “ href=http://www.snagr.com>Snagr“, this version includes thumbnails and
snag-alert emails. I may have sent you an invitation, if not, go to the
website to check it out.

Finally, I must talk about the new Glenn
TV show on Headline News. The 1st episode was rough, but things are
getting more like his radio show, which is a good thing, at least from me.
Congrats Glenn, you are one busy dude.