I still have a job.

Though I don't think my job was endanger yesterday proved to be a tough one
for my fellow workers. Some long time senior management was let go. They
were told “Saber already has people doing your job.” While I don't really
know what they did day-to-day or what the Saber “plan” is for the future, it
was sad to see some of them leave in such an abrupt fashion. Of course all
the other friends of mine who have been laid-off, found other jobs and right
now seem to be happier for it. My hope is all those who were let go
yesterday share in that same fate. It makes me ask: When am I getting out of
this rat-race as an employee, and going to be come the employer?

In other news, I have made round 3 of the biltong. Thanks to Karen for
the tips, I will let you know how it turns out. I also got a chance to cut
the grass at this house, well see Friday about house #2 in Galloway…

Finally, I am going to admit it, this year I actually watched American
Idol. Yes, every stinking episode (on FF for the really crappy songs). I was
a fan of Taylor since the beginning. But I think it has more to do with my
Grey hair, than his singing. I think he will win it, but if Katherine has
another song like “Over The Rainbow” sayonara.