Orlando Adventure

We went to Orlando last week-end for a trip to Universal, Sea World, and
maybe Epcot. In short we had a great time but would do things a little
different next time around.

We would NIX Universal Studio, and instead just go to Universal Islands
of Adventure. We would also NIX Sea World, Emm was very disappointed there.
We definitely would take better shoes on the next trip.

Our last day was spent at Epcot, but I was disappointed because I did not
get to ride a single ride. You see they have these things called Fast
Passes. But one thing they don't tell you, if you get one, you can't get
another one until you use the one they gave you. So we got one and our fast
pass was schedule for 4 hours from when we requested it. The park closed in
4.5 hours so that meant either we wait 2 hours in line, or just forgo any

The great part was we got a chance to relax, unwind, and just be with
each other without the hassles of the other house, work, or anything else.