The thing about this old house, is the 70% of the entire house was on single
15 amp un-grounded circuit. So this week-end I started fixing a section of
the house, and that led to another section, yada, yada…

I started with some proper GFCI on the porch, these were actually
ungrounded and rusting. Then I decided I may as well fix the front room as
well. So I put some more GFCI on the floor outlets and replaced 2 normal
ones. But in the process I removed the wires for the upstairs, and the
kitchen lights, so I put a patch in for the upstairs, and put a new circuit
in for the kitchen lights. I still have some switch plates un-covered and
due for a 3-way switch, but I am making progress…

Other than that, Emily painted the bedroom and I got this really cook
wireless web camera. I have also managed to build a new server on Ubuntu
Linux, replaced the OS on my laptop and old server with Ubuntu. So far in
this house Linux is wining (XP 2 Machines, Ubuntu 3.