Need to make more Biltong!

biltong I need to make more Biltong. The last few batches have been really nice, but I have been so busy with this house  I keep forgetting. So what have I been doing on the house, well for starters I am still getting that electric sorted out. I still have 2 holes in the walls but for the most part it's done.

Saturday we started fixing the shower/tub supply lines in the upstairs bathroom, currently Emm is working on the tile and I still have a small leak in one of the copper pipes. (By the way, stay away from copper, use CPVC if at all possible.)

In other good news, Emm's folks are coming to visit us in September. We are really looking forward to seeing them. We will have a braii or two, and I need to stock up on the Biltong you see to the right.