What's this ESPNU stuff?

Fortunately I have plans to go to the game tomorrow, but ESPNU? What the heck is this? I hope that:

1) ESPNU looses so much money they cancel the channel.

2) OSU Get's a contract with someone other than ABC/ESPN so all games can be watched.

3) The cable companies get off their butts and order this channel.

At the end of the day it's going to be about money. No matter who complains, how loud we scream, they will not care. Here's an example:

Time Warner will not get ABC or FOX in HDTV, even though they broadcast in HD. So, if we want to watch, we need to get an over the air antenna for these channels. Who looses? The public.

So, what will happen if Northwestern or Illinois is on ESPNU and I can not get to the game? I think I will just listen on the radio, and then have to not donate this year to OSU's athletic department.