Cleaned For Update

I am in the process of re-vamping my .Com site. So if you have noticed a bunch of items are gone, please visit my .org site.

As to my Google Outage, well the mail came back at some point last night, my .org and scottsbots site are back in the Google index, but my .Com site is not around. I am wondering if it has to do with a post of some PHP code below – or- the words Google and Hack on the same page. I am not sure…

In any case I will take these steps:

1) Re-Add my site to Google via –

2) Review the webmaster help center –

3) Add & Use GoogleSiteMaps –

Soon I will be updating this site with some real goodies. Right now I am finishing up the Chapter of the Real-World AJAX Book, so as soon as that's done (sometime this week) I should have more code and tech post.