Google Giving Me Fits

Google is giving me fits. Monday GMAIL was down for about 12 hours, and today it's down again. (though my wife's machine is fine) I don't know how long it will be… To top things off, I went from number 2 in my Google Rank yesterday to out of the index today. That's right, if you search on Scott Preston, I am not even in the first 1000 hits. This makes me re-think my position on using their service(s).

Let's say my ranking does not come back? What will I do? What if no one at Google responds to my email?

It's funny, just a few weeks ago I was a proponent of Google for a client, in that maybe they could use Google Calendar. Now it goes down… What can they do? What would I do? Have to refund them their money because of outage that I assured them would not happen?

It makes me think… I am glad I started using their service, because it's starting to look like it's not what I want. Maybe it's fun to play around with but that's it..

As to their stock, I am selling it, if I am getting problems, thousands of other people are too.

Stay tuned…