OSU vs. Michigan Cheerleaders

OK. I am sure to get more hits of people Googling cheerleaders but in light of the OSU / Michigan game this week I thought it appropriate to recommend this link. Or if you want, you can go to the real OSU Cheerleading Site. On to more serious stuff…

OSU Offense vs. Michigan Defense

I had concerns during the Illinois Game a few weeks ago. They blitzed every down and that gave our guys problems. Smith had 1 to 2 seconds to find a receiver and it seemed like they were all running 4 to 5 second routes. Also, it seemed like Illinois knew when we were going to run and we had play after play going negative when we ran the ball.

I think we pass first, run second. If the receivers are not open, give Smith 4 seconds then he should bolt.

If the Michigan D has to stay home to keep Smith at bay, then we should be able to open up the pass. If they spy Smith, we should be able to run wide or off-tackle, or kill 'em with a screen or two. If they break down to a more normal scheme, this will then allow Pitt & Beanie to get some yards up the middle.

Slam Dunks: Smith running & throwing. As long as he does not get an early interception via tipped ball, we will roll.

Concerns: Fumbling. Since we have not been able to hold on to the ball lately I wonder if the cold will effect our ability to hold on to the ball. If this happens OUCH!

OSU Defense vs. Michigan Offense

Our D has done a great job this year, but they are vulnerable. I have seen teams really move on them at times, then other times, offenses play to avoid turnovers. I see the game revolving around Mike Hart. If he runs over 100, we lose the game, unless we get +2 turnovers. The reason for this is because our DBs will move up leaving us open to the big play over the middle.

Slam Dunks: Heine tries too hard, he will throw a pick or two. Let's hope he does relax by having Hart run all day long…

Concerns: The Big Play & 3rd Down. If Michigan strings 2 or three of these together in a drive, I just hope it's not the last drive of the game.

Special Teams

I like our punting and our kicking, but it will be all kickers first OSU Michigan game. My guess is we will miff one, I am not sure why, but given the inconsistency of late, I think we will loose either a bad punt, drop one, or miss a field goal or extra point.


Still 4 days away, I think it will come down to turnovers. We have a tendency to fumble, they have a slight tendency to throw a pick. I think we will take advantage of it, they will not. Also, Michigan is more prone to penalties than we are, I see both these going our way.

OSU 24, Michigan 17