Busy, Busy.

We have been busy. I have been working on my new application and have decided on a name change, something I with more branding potential. JustMyApp had too many general words and was less Web 2.0. I am still working on a new name, but most of the URLs are gone!

Also, I have been searching for news sites with just text and I could not find anything, well Drudge was the closest, but I wanted something I could print off 1 page and take with me to browse while I had some coffee, so I created it. www.pagescoop.com.

www.pagescoop.com is a site that utilizes RSS feeds to get the latest news and compress it into a a single page. No scrolling, no images, no sizzle, just news. It's perfect if you want a single page to take with you to the bathroom, for coffee, to a meeting to doodle on, etc. Though the site is basic right now I will add more features in the coming weeks/months.

We are also going to take our house (LeClerc) off the market next week. Then I will need to remove the breakfast bar, finish painting the basement, clean the garage, then hopefully in February, bring it back to get it sold.