Big Ten Football Concerns…

So far the Big Ten is 0-3 in bowl games and makes a run today to even out their record. The SEC on the other-hand is 3-1. Today we have 2 head-to-head match-ups between the two conferences, am I optimistic? No.

Outback Bowl – Penn State vs. Tennessee – I think this will get out of hand early and am thinking the score will be 38-17 Tennessee.

Capital One Bowl – Arkansas vs. Wisconsin – I think that this might be a close one, Wisconsin is better than people think and Arkansas might be a bit over confident. Close win by Arkansas 17-14.

Rose Bowl – USC vs. Michigan – This is interesting, it will be a true test for how Ohio State will do against Florida. I will look closely at the Michigan Offense and how well they do against the defensive speed of USC. If Michigan does not run well it will be close, but if Hart gets his 100 yards it will be an easy win. Michigan 28-10.

I think that if the Big Ten looses all games today, the game against Florida is a toss-up. It will come down to our Defense getting turn-overs, and our Offense not fumbling or throwing picks.

Go Big Ten, and Michigan Still Sucks!!!