Football & Snow & Stuff

Well the Super Bowl is set. I am so glad that New England lost, not that I have anything against Boston, but it's like the Yankee's they are always there, and I never liked Tom Brady (from UM). I am sure I will be rooting for Indianapolis, no knock against Chicago, just Indy is closer.

Yesterday we had our first "real" snow of the season. I guess we had a little over 3 inches. The roads out in front of the house are fine, but we had to move the truck, I am thinking that someone is just going to run into the back of it one of these days.

In other news we think we have an idea for the basement, a Rustic Wine Cellar. (see to left) The nice thing: all we will need will be some paint and to do some clean-up, nothing fancy because the walls are already rustic/old, so it should work out well.