Zoning Board Meeting Canceled

4:30pm: Yes, they cancelled the meeting… We got a call at 4:06pm today that the 7:30 meeting tonight was cancelled… More to follow…

7:25pm: Well, I had to blow off some steam, so I cleaned the garage some more, and I think we are going to grab a few beers tonight with Ron & Sophia.

I sent the mayor a note to let him know how disappointed I was with the Zoning Board and the city of Grandview for that matter. To think, these are the same people that are going to be deciding the fate of the city. The same people that are deciding on Grandview Ave. 5 story buildings, the same ones that the tax payers of this small town expect to do them justice. But it seems that the lone family does not seem to merit that level of attention.

So what are we going to do? Well, I am going to wait a few days. I told them I would meet any time, any day to get this fence permit. My guess is they will push it until May 9th. Who really knows…

I am waiting to hear from John Kuss tomorrow, but I am not counting on that. I will most likely have to go over there myself in the afternoon to get some answers.

7:36pm, Emily just got back from the council chambers, just to see if anyone pitched… Guess what? 3 people showed up. John Kuss and 2 other people. They are thinking that maybe next Wednesday they might do something. I mean this will take all of 10 minutes and they might… Emily is upset now because of their lame excuses… There was one person from the board even at the meeting tonight that did not even have the decency to look at Emily while she was talking. The person was reading a book the entire time and did not look at her at all… What's that about?