Nice Trip to Raleigh, NC

We took a trip down to North Carolina over the week-end to visit some family and eat some crawfish. I must say the trip was great and it was our first time meeting the Boshoff's and all the family, we should have gotten down that way sooner.

Wednesday we drove down and stayed the night in Greensboro,NC. The drive was nice and the traffic was light.

Thursday we drove to Raleigh, and picked up Karen & Frikkie from the airport, then drove over to visit Barry & Macy and have a few beers. I also opened up the Biltong, which was a big hit, and we met more of the family as they arrived throughout the day & evening.

Friday was another party, this time it was Christoff's birthday party, the big 40, and we had some Crawfish as a starter.

Saturday was the big party where we had about 200 people from all over the country come to the 7th Annual Raleigh CrawFest.

We drove back today and the only downside to the trip was this bird that kept waking us up every morning at 6am. For some reason it kept flying into the window every 20 seconds for the entire morning. So we did not get much sleep.

Also, we met so many cool people and are definately going to have to make it down there again sometime soon.