MTS07 – Day 2


Today was a drop off from yesterday. I am not quite sure. I think maybe I am waiting for IIS 7.0 and XBOX. The discussions of "How we suck" have continued… I see they (Microsoft) are struggling with how to communicate with this crowd. They seem to understand the Enterprise crowd, and the crowd that seems to be struggling with Vista and it's installation and how they plan to migrate applications to this new OS.

The fact is Microsoft is now a victim of it's own success and now has to support all of the past as well as the future, which does not make everyone happy. I think this is more a function of a over-extended product line, trying to be everything to everyone, while at the same time telling everyone it's all just one product. Windows…

I must admit I did not pay much attention to the last 2 speakers because I found a new algorithm on machine vision a little more interesting. While the concept of region segmentation is not new, it's new to me and I have been working on a few different ways to get this to my liking…


I liked these sessions much more, even though I was still working a bit on my machine vision stuff… I got to see some code, and IIS 7.0. IIS 7.0 seems to be much more friendly for those that like Apache, they will have config files, yes all the power of httpd.conf and .htaccess, so I will need to give this a look for the server. There was also some talk about XBOX 360, which reminded me that Microsoft does things besides Vista & Office.

Finally, we are going to end the day with a trip to the company store and a trip to the Rock Bottom Brewery.


I got a nice upgrade for office and a copy of Vista Ultimate from the company store. Nice discount! The beer was really nice over at Rock Bottom, I will have to visit this again on my next visit…

As to MTS07, I wish they had more code examples and more of what they "were going to do" and not what's already there. This might be because we are under a non-NDA rules… I might rather sign a NDA just so I could see what was going on. I think one of the things that bothers me is not knowing the road map. When you have to make decisions about things 6-9 months away and you don't have the details of a new release, I personally would rather opt for the known quantity and the thing I can change if I need to… Hence open source….