MTS07 – Day 3

Expectations Here's what we are going to talk about today:

  • The Local Software Economy – I am hoping we talk about the ISV and what Microsoft is doing to facilitate this crowd. 
  • Windows Power Shell – I have looked at this a bit but don't know that much about it. I just hope I get to see examples and cool stuff akin, not strategic marketing, yada, yada…
  • IE and browser direction – I am on the fence here. Do I care? Or do I just want to know that they are working with Mozilla to implement the same behavior for specific DOCTYPEs. 
  • Mobile Devices – I am not sure on this one, maybe if they show some of what's going on, not re-hashing what I already do with my Motorola Q. 

Talk #1 – The Local Software Economy

I am not sure what to say… I am a member of Tech Columbus, which is a business incubator and I heard the same ramblings. (Innovation, Incubation, StartUp Help, Venture Capital, Etc…)This all really sounds great but I think there is a certain degree of dis-ingenuousness to all this talk…

The reality, at least in Columbus, Ohio, is they are not interested in helping 1-2 person companies because there's no money in them. It's a good-old-boys network that helps people with money get more money. If you are a bootstrapper trying to make it you can only rely on yourself and your own efforts.

So anyway, this sort of self-reliance forces me into something I can control that does not cost a lot of money, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I don't have time nor do I want to talk to someone in India on tech support for hours.

On the other end, I don't rely on totally free software like GMail because there I can't get tech support if I want it and can't fix it on my own. So again, this breeds what? More self-reliance. From the robotics perspective it might be interesting to see how Microsoft could help, however, I have yet to talk to anyone from Microsoft on robotics, and the lone email I sent to the presenter from Microsoft Research has yet to reply… So I have my doubts…

Talks on The Power Shell, IE and Mobile Devices

The power shell is pretty cool, though I learned most of this while installing on my machine a month or so back. The IE talk was more of a complaint session. The Mobile Devices or Windows Mobile Edition 6.0 was a nice preview, I noticed some nice advances things I need to be aware of when shopping for my next phone.

The Wrap Up

There's not much going on for the round table section of the conference. I think everyone is tired and seems to be checking their email or blogging… I guess I am glad I had the opportunity to come to this event, I have always wanted to see the campus here in Redmond, but the topics seemed less interesting than CodeMash2007. T

he perks were nice, the trip out, dinner & parties, the MSDN subscription, trip to the company store, and at the end of the day I will experiment with PowerShell, Vista, and IIS 7.0. I really wish I could have talked to some of the robotics people or about PHP under Windows but the people seem to have left that were going to talk about this.

Advice For Next Year

I am not sure. I guess it would be to review the entirety of my experience here at MTS07 and then decide whether or not it met your goal or not. If there were goals that did not get communicated, then look at what I said or send me an email. For those looking into MTS08 advice or information, send me a note as well I will tell you what I thought and what to expect.