Small Business

My wife attended the "Federal Contracts for Small Business Workshop" this morning at TechColumbus, another BUST. Apparently there were a number of other "Small Business" owners in attendance but the meeting was not for us, it was for that group of 5-10 people with money, with connections to the university or some other "connected" people.

A quote from one of the speakers was that before seriously viewing any proposals for SBIR, they actually skip the proposal and go right to the end where the resumes are attached. Another quote was when they are looking at "Small Business" they look for 3 things: People, People, People. Someone asked what about 1-2 person companies, they then said a few things but basically ignored the question…

I also think these people are stuck in the 90s or something, according to "The O'Reilly Radar", one person businesses are on the rise and according to the US Census, 20 million Americans operated businesses with no employees in 2004. Intuit in fact has put together a nice PDF on the subject called The Future of Small Business Report, which states that the "Personal Businesses" will become a lot more popular in the coming years. I am going to attend another talk this Wednesday about launching your website.