Launching a Web Site by Wil Schroter

Notes from a Tech Columbus, TechTalk. This talk was rather cool and of all the events this one taught me the most. I admit I had a high degree of cynicism going in but I was quite surprised…

First, I was the only one with a laptop at the conference, I was real-time blogging, but my network connection decided not to work, so I am almost a week late in posting this.

Wil said that launching a website is like throwing a party, and that consisted of the following::

  1. Promote Heavily. Google Adwords, Yahoo! other "Pay-Per-Click" services.
  2. Invite Cool Kids. Find out what's cool about your site and get people talking via online forums and other buzz marketing techniques.
  3. Fill The Room. Meaning, don't be the first to arrive, so seed some of the initial accounts with your friends and contacts.
  4. Keep The Conversation Going. This means, start a blog, keep the site fresh, add new content and features.
  5. Remind People How Cool You Are. If you have to ask, this means email, newsletters, press releases, etc. Also, keep track of your un-subscribe rate.

The thing was you needed to do all five of these things consistently, which reminded me that I was wearing 3-4 hats with this business and I needed to hire someone from marketing.

Side Note: This made me think a little about my numbers on Adwords. One thing, I have not mentioned, is that I changed the Ads and the Click Through Rate increased to 3%.

Shortly after this I realized I needed some help in the marketing side of the website, I needed major full-time help.

The mind of the person surfing the internet for an application they want to use is very fickle. I mean there are 20 sites they are visiting a day, what makes yours so good? What makes them want to stay there and keep returning to your site day after day? Those are the questions you should ask before you build it.

A visitor will go to  your site and decide if it's cool within 2 seconds, then if it's not, they will leave… So the home page is VERY IMPORTANT! So ask yourself, is  your site cool?

Something else he talked about when doing your "pay-per-click" marketing, is that certain words lead to buying behavior or in my case subscription behavior.

Also, how do you know what's cool? I was not so certain on this? My guess is marketing research? How you get that is still unknown to me…

Something else he said, is that content sites, get 10 times more traffic than commerce sites and you are lucky if you can own 1 thing, so if you get "that one thing" then hold onto it!!!

You can visit Wil's Blog here.