Limit Your Time Coding

By limiting the time you spend coding, you must choose the essential.

Often times when you have a big project and you are tasked with 40,80,120 hours for a component, you start coding right away. But before you do that I ask you take a step back and re-think those estimates. Think to yourself, what would I do if I only had 1 day to code this component? What if I only had until lunch to get something written that would work?

While this might seem a little daunting to you at first, try this:

  1. Take your original time estimate and divide it by half.
  2. Write down all the important parts of your piece of software, all the big important pieces, now take the remaining time, and divide that by half. So if your original estimate was 40 hours, you need to get this part done in 10 hours.
  3. Try to work in 2-3 hour blocks with a nice break in between.

After a month or two of this you will be coding twice as fast and you’ll have more time to work on your own projects, learn a new language, or play games.