StartUp 2.0

I have been reviewing TechCrunch.Com and KillerStartUps.Com for a few days now and I am noticing one thing about the startups out there: there's a lot of mediocrity.

The business models are about a few things:

1) Getting Users and Selling Ads. The first idea is social networking, popularized by MySpace, Facebook, and Digg, is that if you get 100 page views, and a 1% conversion at $0.50 per click you can scale this money depending on how "social" you make the site. Here your business is marketing, not software, so prepare to to get some people to help you in this respect.

The second idea is blogging, so here you just need TypePad or WordPress and you need to write content that people want to read. So customer identification is very important. One thing I stumbled upon by accident was over at my Scott'sBots Blog, was an article I wrote about installing UBUNTU on a Compact Flash. This has the highest ratings of everything I wrote and I ended up being on the first page of Google because of it, my blog traffic doubled as soon as I posted this article.

2) You sell a subscription. The idea here is that you offer a subscription service for some dollars per month.

3) You sell a product or service by finding a good supplier. This is not really StartUp 2.0 this is more Web 1.0, but the idea has stood the test of time.

So basically what you have is just about every idea there is about some niche product or social group, or blog topic and some how, some way, you need to find a way to stand out and get someone to notice you, notice you enough to purchase a service, or tell their friends about you or something… The thing is you don't need to be awesome at first, why? because until you get enough visitors it won't really matter. So it's OK to be mediocre at first.