Launching a Web Site by Wil Schroter – ReVisted

I have had a few weeks to think more about "how to launch a web site" and I realized what Wil was doing. He was describing how to plug holes in your conversion funnel.

  1. promotion -> top of funnel
  2. cool kids –> register
  3. fill the room –> trial
  4. keep conversation going –> sales
  5. remind people how cool you are –> reduce unsubscribe rate

Which I have heard before just not like this. So Will was not saying anything new, he was saying that you have a sales/conversion funnel and you need to plug holes in the funnel all the time and keep improving.

I don't think think this requires a full time person, but it requires careful measurement, and attention most of which can be automated and put into a process.

Google Analytics can help you define your Goals and your Funnel, you can import CSV versions of this data for any interval you wish, so just set up a process for how you will evaluate your conversion funnel and create adjustments to this equation until which time you maximize profit.