What to charge? Check Your Attitude!

Back in the late 90's when I co-founded a startup called CyberMech, one of the things that surprised us was the size of the deals we could get. We were starting off with $500 websites called the "intro site" then before we knew it we were selling $5,000 sites, then going for $50,000.

At some point during the course we asked ourselves, "What's different now that we are looking at deals for $50,000 and the days when we were scraping for $500 sites?" We could not really answer the question, maybe it was confidence, but mostly we think it was just attitude.

Before going in we were approaching customers with only $500 to spend, mostly by cold calling, then we started looking at "elephants" to hunt, companies with five-thousand, ten-thousand, or more… We were doing the same work, we worked with the same technology, it was just attitude and the sense of been there, done that.

At some point when you start a business, whether in Columbus, Ohio or someplace else you will be picking a price for your product or service, remember to check your attitude.