StartUp in Columbus or Silicon Valley?

Business is really just a matter of solving problems. I think people in Silicon Valley solve problems in a certain way for certain people and people in Columbus, Ohio solve problems a certain way for certain people. The usual assumption is they are solving the same "startup" problem, but in reality they are not.

The people in Silicon Valley solve problems for venture capitalist and technologist, who think they are solving problems for customers and potential customers.

The people in Columbus solve problems for customers.

This might sound like I am saying that the people in Silicon Valley are out of touch, but this is not really the case. To solve problems for potential customers you can't look at market research, you can't go with the tried and true because they are making a guess on the future.

So I would tend to agree that startups in Columbus are a little more grounded in the here and now and are not willing to take risk on what "might be" but a business can thrive either way, it just matters who funds you.

If you are in Silicon Valley you get angel or venture capitalist money to fund your "what if". If you are in Columbus you bootstrap.

So, does it matter?

I think the bootstrapping  (Columbus) way takes more discipline, strategy, and patience. You have to stay focused on your product and the money you can spend towards your startup is constrained by those funds.

There should be a good book or two out there, how to grow a business with nothing, or how to bootstrap your way to success, or something along those lines. Or if you are from Columbus, you might just have graduated or attended the best university around, The Ohio State University, so that should give you all the discipline, strategy and patience you'll ever need.