Truck & Lighting

This week-end I did nothing with a computer other than surf for truck parts. Re: the 1998 Chevy truck, I was able to fix the mirrors, replace the tail-lights and then when all was said and done the check-engine light came on.

So I went out and purchased a OBD II diagnostic computer. The readings said it was a P1870, which indicates a transmission slippage. I noticed it twice, which makes me think that it’s either loosing fluid or I am going to have to get a new transmission soon. I also noticed the fuel pump is starting to make a nice whine, so it looks like I will need to work on it as well. As a result I picked up some air tools (ratchet & impact wrench) at Home Depot on sale.

As to the lighting in the garage, I was able to install 7 single-lamp overhead lights and 1 fluorescent light over a “dead space”. I still don’t have the other circuits connected, and I still need to connect the outdoor flood light, but I am almost done with the lighting.