To Thine Own Self Be True…

I have met some nice people at TechColumbus, but I am left wondering about how they really want to help the tech community.

I went to them about 4 months ago to show them AppGin.Com (my application software product) because I needed some help with marketing and needed help with next steps etc. What I got was a complete slap in the face for a non-profit that I paid money because they advertised how they were helping companies just like me.

The reason I write this article today was because I read an article yesterday validating my application and business model over at TechCrunch about the Application Creation Space.

I think the second reason I am writing this article is because I was so dissapointed in the organization because there are a lot of one person start-ups out there with code and great ideas for stuff that get shot down by people that supposedly know what they are talking about. The only advice that I give for those that get shot down is check your facts, your market, the problem you are solving, if those numbers add up then trust yourself!