Truck Wo's

Well, I decided to drive the 1998 Chevy Truck on Friday to work. Guess what? The fuel pump stopped working, we had to call AAA, but by the time the driver got there to tow me back, it started and I was able to make it home. But now the truck is sitting in the driveway and I am either going to have to lift the bed, or drop the tank to get to and replace the fuel pump.

I had thought about junking the truck and getting a new one, but I really did not feel like spending $35,000 on the truck I wanted, and I still wanted to tinker with this truck (I found an option for the small block chevy engine — just keep emissions). So what did I do? I did not want to spend more than the $23,000 of my buyout of my Ford, and there's not much car you can buy for $23,000 and I was not about to sell the truck and loose money… So what to do?