Vegas & Beyond

Day 2 in Vegas was very nice. We saw "KA", the Cirque Du Soleil show, it was very, very cool and the BODIES exhibit. You could tell the people were Chinese and about 50% of them smoked, but the exhibit was interesting. My hotel reviews are:

  • Treasure  Island - Loose slots, clean air, close to mall, comfortable quiet beds.
  • Wynn - Nice buffet
  • Venetian - Nice, I hear they have large rooms, but I did not visit.
  • Mirage - Did not visit but tram from Treasure Island dropped us off here.
  • Cesar's Palace – Massive complex, lots of shops.
  • Bellagio -  Cool fountains, very nice inside.
  • Paris - False ceiling, and nice shops.
  • MGM Grand - Massive Hotel
  • Tropicana - Vegas version of Myrtle Beach
  • Luxor - Cool rooms, but tight slots (all north strip casinos) and a little run-down.
  • Mandalay Bay - Very nice, House of Blues, tram to Luxor.

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was very nice, we had an elk walk up to us and start eating during our walk back from dinner. The park was nice, just don't eat at the McDonalds outside the park.

When we finally found Bard & Anne's house the stay was great. On Saturday we did some hiking and I proved how out of shape I was by stopping half-way. Dinner was great and we stayed up to 4:30am local time chatting and drinking wine and local beer.

Note on Avis Car Rental: We went through 3 Chevy Impala cars. The first one, had a check-engine/check-oil light on. The 2nd one smelled and the blinker stopped working. The 3rd one had a tire pressure sensor light that kept coming on saying we had a flat tire. No more AVIS. No more Chevy Impalas.