The Chicken or the Egg Revisited

After doing more reading and experimenting I have found one thing, the egg (market need) does come first.

Just like in the scientific method everything starts with a problem, then you have a hypothesis, then you do an experiement, then you draw conclusions and repeat.

  1. Problem (ask the market if this is a problem)
  2. Hypotheis (test possible solutions with potential people in the market)
  3. Experiement (you build something and go private beta)
  4. Conclusions (you learn from experiment modify and repeat)

A great way to test the market to see if it has an idea is to run an adwords campaign to see if anyone is interested in your product/solution. You might need to run a number of campaings to see if you are correctly undertsanding the problem. You might also need to part with a free-giveaway to see if your idea has merit, people love contest and usually these "triggers".

Also I am not sure of other's success, but avoid the content network, I have my lowest scores here all <1% but the number of impressions there is 95% of the total.