A week of market research

I got some advice from a marketing friend of mine. He suggested rather than the field of dreams approach "if you build it they will come" try a "if they click it, then you build it" approach. The results were… Enlightening.

So I started with some of my "great ideas" and started creating adwords campaigns for those ideas and then send the clickers to a "name squeeze" page that describes my idea in a little more detail, then ask them to submit their name and email if they want to hear more about it.

My calculations are that if I can get from 1-2% of people clicking on my ad then it's something worth exploring, then I need to add more content to the "name squeeze" page. Then if I can get some emails/names/comments, again another 1-2% at a minimum, then I might be on to something.

The beauty of this approach is that I don't have to build anything; it's simply an idea testing platform. The concept is this:

  1. Pick a problem.
  2. Hypothesize a solution – 85 words or less with triggers and message.
  3. Create an adwords campaign for $1 per click at a maximum of $10/day then test.
  4. Create a name squeeze page with more detail and spot for email, name and comments.
  5. Launch campaign for 2 days or 1000 impressions whatever comes first.
  6. Make conclusions or refine your ads until you get something that you feel comfortably represents your product/idea.