If they click it – Part 2

From my last post you can see the simple formula for market testing, "if they click it, then you build it." Now I am going to talk about the next step, what to do when people click on your ad. Maybe you should have done this before you spent any money, i.e. try searching on the same keywords you are advertising and see what's out there, but that takes the fun out of it doesn't it?

So, you have some people clicking on your advertisement. Now go to Google and look at your highest pay per click keyword, then search on that. Click refresh a few times to see the ads that come up 1st, 2nd, and so on, this is your competition. Look at the 1st 10 results; this is also your competition.

Write down the top 10 ads, and the top 10 sites. Go to each of these sites then ask the following questions:

  1. What problem does this site solve?
  2. What pain does it eliminate?
  3. Can you solve the problem better or eliminate this pain in less time or at less cost?

If you can answer yes, to #3, then proceed; otherwise, think of a new idea or a new set of keywords. These keywords could solve the same problem but for a different target market, so choose carefully or just create a few different campaigns testing those markes.

Now the goal is to get an email or name from this user that clicked on your ad. Our target is 5-10%, so by going back to the questions above, come right out and with a cool picture or testimonial or something that shows your idea solving this problem or eliminated that pain.

Finally, let’s add a few trigger keywords to your ad that differentiates you from your competition and talks about the problem/pain, and how you solve it.