My Quest For Another Language – Part 2

It's between Ruby or Python.

I hear all the buzz about Ruby, but performance is… lackluster (see shootout Python vs. Ruby). Even with the latest versions of Ruby 1.9.0 and Pyro Python, the fact remains, Python is a lot faster than Ruby. There's another discussion as well about the differences between the two languages (Ruby vs. Python).

I also like the fact there's no "end" required in Python, I get tired of looking at code with a bunch of "ends" as well as looking at code with a bunch of dollar signs $ and curly braces{}.

So asside from syntax of the two languages it's going to come down to language features and performance. Since Python is faster what about the language features? Well I am not computer sciencey enough to make the list algorithms or OO correctness or which language is most LISP like or has SmallTalk influences.

I still don't know… Let's see what will I be doing with my language?

  • Robotics & AI – Performance (Java, C, or something very fast for low level processing)
  • MetaProgramming & Code Generation (I need a templating engine)
  • Data Collection Scripts & Web Automation (All languages can do this rather well)
  • Database Access (All languages can talk to MySQL with the right driver)
  • No web programming, I still like PHP enough for this, but who knows.

Two more options come to mind. JRuby & Jython.

If I can wrap all of my Java classes in a JRuby or Jython script, then basically I have the performance I need with a nice syntax, but then again I can also use Groovy for this.

Options are:

Ruby, Python, JRuby, Jython, Groovy…