Don't Outsource, Hire a Robot!

I have been reading articles about outsourcing for some time and I have always thought to myself, someday, a robot or program will be doing the job of people. I think that we are getting closer and closer to the day when peoples jobs will not be so complicated that a machine can not learn to do the same thing as a person.

For example, I have been reading and reading about how important marketing is and I even went as far as to hire a few markeitng people but guess what? It did not work out… I thought, wouldn't it be simpler to just tell a program to do this work to the exact specification I need, rather than communicate this to a human who might mess it up or might not do as good and complete a job as a program.

There are some things that humans can do that machines are not too good at, but there are also things that computers are really good at that people are not. I think though with the proper software and teaching, a program can learn to do a job as well as most people, I am in the process of creating a marketing program, called Matt.