Switching To Ruby – Part 1

Why switch? That was the first thing I thought of when I started thinking about learning Ruby. Why not Python, or just stick with Java and PHP.

I started thinking a few years back about why I decided to switch from Java to PHP for web programming. I choose then because PHP reminded me of the simplicity of good-old ASP style web development and I was sick of WARs, JARs and CLASSPATH. Just include the file and your done.

So I really had everything I needed a good web programming language, PHP and a good fast compiled language Java, so why change?

The first reason seemed to be the “sheep effect”, this being that all cool people are learning and using Ruby, I think I am cool, therefore if I am not doing Ruby then I must not be cool.

The second reason is that there are some things that I don’t like about PHP, these are minor nuisances, but do not rise to the level of dislike. The same goes for Java, actually there’s a lot I don’t like about Java more than nuisances so there’s no convincing me there…

A few things I have liked so far has been no {curly braces} and no ;;semi-colons;; so the language itself is a lot easier to read.  I also like  closures, so I can reference an  entire block of code by 1 variable.