Goodbye TechColumbus

I had my Final meeting with TechColumbus this week. There's just something going on that I don't quite get, communication gap or something. What I find so strange about my relationship over the past year is that something is just missing.

Emily & I were talking about it Monday night and we think that maybe the name is wrong. It should be FinanceColumbus. Because rather than helping small companies or telling them where they are they seem to presume you want 10 million dollars and are ready to shoot you down because they either don't undersand what you are doing or you are not connected.

For example: This Monday I met with someone in their early 20s that has never started a company and I went in to ask about TechGenesis and/or market research. Instead, because he did not get the software I was talking about AppGin.Com, he started to give me advice on a Business Plan. I mean really, what a waste of time. Define your market, define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), etc.

I had another meeting last year describing a version of AppGin that was similar to CogHead, or LongJump and the guy said, so what? It's a database. Again, perhaps it was my communication, but I doubt it, I don't know how much clearly you can show someone an example of the site and them not get it.

My final thought is not a nice one, is that TechColumbus is just a non-profit run by Venture Capital firms. Which means they have a mandate, and the mandate is something like "no single founder companies". Then they do everything they can to discourage them. Or finally, maybe they just don't like me personally.

In anycase, I don't really care. AppGin will work someday and make some money I just wish all those in Columbus thinking about this company/non-profit for assistance to rethink that choice. On the other hand if you have had good experiences with this organization, please contact me I'd like to hear it.