Computer Games Today

The computer games today suck. I am sorry but they are either this online / multi-player type the single player version is so short it's not worth playing. My reviews of the games today are:

  • World in Conflict – Awesome Graphics. Single Players Sucks!
  • BioShock – Unable to install (AVG thinks it's a virus), to top it off, Target would not take the game back as a return, so I am stuck with a game I can not play.
  • Battlefield 2 Expansion Packs – Downloaded from EA Games, but they would not install. Their site says they will not give me a refund for downloaded games, but I was not able to install it. I mean the download manager did not give me an option to install or decrypt or anything.
  • Oblivion - Rather Cool. I love this game. I just wish it had people with guns.
  • Company of Heros – Rather Cool. I would like a game like this with modern weapons (thought I would get this with World in Conflict, but no)
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 – Big let down. Must use parties and the game is rather linear. Single Player option is limited.
  • Call of Duty 4 - Nice graphics, but the game is rather linear and dull.