Vista Media Center PC Woes

I have decided to run through the media center PC and start getting it to work. So far I have had to remove both the capture card and the audio card to get Vista to boot.

I have not been able to get my network access to work through SAMBA and my DLink DNS-323 (Network Attached Storage). I kept ketting password credential (System Error 86) errors. I found a post that talked about changing a registrey seeting to XP compatibility:


Change this from 3 to 1.

Saturday 11/24 Update

After updates the ATI HD Capture Card caued the Black Screen of Death. I had to remove the card to get the machine to boot. Right now the Media Center PC is without a sound card, and without a capture card. Making it completely usless as far as a media center PC is concerned. I think I will dual boot with XP Media Center and UBUNTU. Forget Vista for now. (Time to downgrade)