Thanks Mom & Adam

Thanks for watching the house & castle while we are away. Well we are off, to South Africa. Right now we are sitting in the airport at Columbus, still an hour or so before we board the plane. All is going well excect my iPod suddenly decided it was going to loose a full charge and then not charge up. So it looks like I might be soundless/gamesles on my trip.

Emms is reading her book and I am just typing away on my laptop. Castle missed us this morning but he should be fine as soon as Adam or my mom gets there.. By then he will forget we left and want a treat or a W.A.L.K.

We should be arriving in JoBurg tomorrow about 10:30am EST (5:30pm SAST), then most likely we will be swept off to Annes for drinks and a shower. I will update this thread in JFK if there's free WI-FI, otherwise I will have to wait until I am in JoBurg.