Back Home, just a few bumps…

Well we made it home yesterday afternoon, thanks to an early flight from Delta.

I must say though this was the worst South African flight I was on, from a food perspective, everything was old and the crew always started from both ends of the economy, back and front, so us seating in the middle always got the left-over choices on the menu.

This experience paled of course to the hassle we got from an immigration official. We have been using a marriage certificate since 2004 and it's been fine everyplace we have went, but this guy actually brought Emily to tears, I mean what an A$$. I am going to write my congresswoman about this because we are nervous every time we go through because we are just waiting for someone to come up with a new rule and then not let us through.

Glad to be back, though we are missing everyone very much already. Now I start working on the robots for CodeMash.